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Case Study : Read how we helped SocialPilot tune their website speed to improve their user experience and, in-turn, the rate of new user registration.

Monitor and Analyze Your Website Speed

Find the impact of speed on conversions. Segment your conversions by visitors' speed experience to understand how the speed experience is affecting visitor behavior and your conversions.

Know the speed attributes of your visitors. Know the device, network and geolocation your visitors come from and how that affects their speed experience.

Understand when exactly is your website slow. This could be for a certain set of users or when a certain web page is being accessed or under certain load volume.

Start tracking your website speed with Tezify Analytics today.

Get Your Website Speed Optimized

  • Get a Performance Audit of your website done to know the root causes of your website slowness.
  • Let us optimize your website for the speed profile of your website visitors.
  • Let us work closely with your tech team to implement site speed optimizations despite difficult legacy issues and limitations.
  • Consult us to ensure that the tools, processes and framework are in place for your website's optimal speed.
Optimize your website speed today.

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