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Features of Site Speed Optimization Service

Your website visitor on a slow mobile device
Make your website load fast, even on slow devices and networks.
Optimize your website to load fast not on desktops with broadband connections but for average mobile devices in real-world like network conditions.

How your visitors experience your site's speed matters
Improve your visitors' speed experience and not any single speed metric.
Your visitors don't care what your load times are, they care about good experience. Optimize your website to improve the perceived performance.

Framework to monitor your website performance
Setup tools and processes to ensure that the achieved speed gains are not lost in future.
Conclude your performance optimization exercise with a methodology that monitors that the speed gains achieved from optimizations are not lost in future due to code, content or configuration changes.

Bespoke Website Speed Optimization

Website speed optimization can be undertaken according to your requirements. These may be restricted to a Performance Audit of your website or require fixing identified issues. Some of the optimization tasks that are commonly carried out are:

The kind of optimization service depends on your setup and requirements.

Please contact to discuss your specific requirements.